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About the awards

Six years ago, Communicate magazine launched the Employer Brand Management Awards. From the outset, it was recognised as the must-win awards programme for any organisation keen to benchmark its employer brand activity. 

Since it launched, the perceptions and conversations around employer brand have continued to evolve. A strong employer brand is seen as the beating heart of many organisations. The employer brand goes beyond fancy recruitment adverts; it is an intrinsic part of the ethos and ethics or an organisation. If utilised well, it attracts, engages and retains talent. It also, importantly, instigates the employee experience and guides the employee journey.

The Employer Brand Management Awards has remained the only true recognition of the employer brand management process. Metrics such as retention and cost per hire go far, but the Employer Brand Management Awards programme compares and contrasts the different aspects of successful employer branding, rewarding excellence and celebrating the campaigns and the organisations that are excelling in this field.

With 20 categories to choose from plus our ‘best in sector’, it is time to prove that your employer brand stands out amongst your peers. 

The Employer Brand Management Awards welcome entries from any private sector company, public sector organisation, creative agency or individual who has helped develop or apply a successful employer brand.

Eligibility & Rules

Any organisation can enter, providing the strategy or execution was developed, launched or carried out between May 2019 and May 2021.

Entries for the Employer Brand Management Awards can be made here>

A single organisation can enter multiple projects and in multiple categories.

All entries must be paid for prior to the judging day; any entries we have not received payment for will not be reviewed by the judging panel.

Please fill in one form per different entry statement.

Each entry must be submitted as a PDF file. Files cannot be larger than 10MB.

Supporting links, videos etc must be included within the entry itself. This can be included as an appendix, with links or hyperlinked within the document itself.

Entries are only accepted electronically, please do not send us a hard copy.

All entry materials will be retained by Transform magazine, the organiser of the Employer Brand Management Awards.

Ensure you have secured the appropriate rights and clearances for all materials and images submitted. The Employer Brand Management Awards will not be liable for any copyright, trademark, patent infringement or for non-payment grievances held against entrants.

The information provided will be disclosed only to the judges, staff of Transform magazine and key partners on a strictly confidential basis. 

All entries are only shared with judges once a signed disclaimer has been received.

Where a juror’s organisation enters the Employer Brand Management Awards, that juror will not review the submission. Where possible, jurors are not made aware of the identity of any third-party organisation that carried out the work until after decisions have been made, to eliminate bias.

Details provided within your entry will potentially be used for press releases, web content, the winners book should your submission be shortlisted and/or win. Therefore we ask that you ensure all the details are factually correct - we will not be liable for inaccuracies published based on the entry content and changes may not be possible after publication.

Summaries of all winning entries will be included in the Employer Brand Management Awards winners book which will be given out on the night and published in other formats. Please make reference to confidential information in your entries which will be for judges’ eyes only and will not be written up.

By submitting your entry, you agree that the materials may be published for the promotion of the awards and media efforts related to digital communication, as well as for the marketing and promotion of rebranding case studies and teaching tools.

By entering into the Awards programme, your details will be added to our database to ensure you are kept up to date with the Awards and its relevant conference. To opt-out, please email mmanton@transformmagazine.net

Please translate all non-English text into English to facilitate the judging process.

Decisions by the jury are final.